Laser Fiber Marking Machine

  1. Fiber Optic Laser Marking Machine

    Fiber Optic Laser Marking Machine works by irradiating the surface of the workpiece, which absorbs the energy & creates thermal excitation. It is suitable for hallmarking of precious metal ornaments including gold, titanium, & silver with great precision & clarity. This marking machine is also utilized in beverage processing, pharmaceutical, & brewing industries for engraving product code on the can mouth and medicine strip edges.
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  2. Mini Laser Fiber Machine

    Mini Laser Fiber Machine is a compact device which can easily be attached to a computer system for creating designs & patterns required to be engraved on the workpiece. It works on the principle of metamorphosis of the surface resulting due to high heat generation. This machine is equipped with optical fiber laser source which is ideal for marking QR & bar codes, serial numbers, & product IDs.
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  3. Automatic Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    Automatic Fiber Laser Marking Machine is suitable to be used for engraving on metal ingots, brass or bronze made industrial castings, concrete made structures, car frames, and automotive chassis. It is capable of marking characters, alphanumeric, date, special characters, & VIN code. This machine is programmed with anti-jamming function, has advanced USB interface technology, high quality optical fiber stable laser output source, stepper motor, and is radiation resistant in nature.
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